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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Illegal RWA EC Election 2011 - two more illegalities

Some time back I have uploaded a post - Illegal PARWA EC Election 2011 - in which I pointed out many illegalities committed in the election. Two more illegalities have come to my notice. These illegalities relate to Composition of EC, Bye-law 8.2.

a) Post of Joint Secretary - As per the bye-law the post of Joint Secreatry will be filled from the six elected EC members. Today I was surprised to learn that Shri T D Soni of Flat 255 has been nominated as Joint secretary. As per the result declared by EO no body has been elected from the block of flats 233 - 300. How can then Shri Soni can be made Joint Secreatry? He has not been elected as EC member. His nomination as Joint Secretary is illegal and in violation of PARWA Bye-laws.

In addition, Shri Soni was part of the team which conducted the election. He has even been designated (though illegally) as Election Officer by Shri Aggarwal who illegally designated himself as Chief Election Officer. It has been alleged that there was a conspiracy between outgoing President and Gen Secretary and the Election Officer and his team. Is this nomination of Shri Soni is a reward to him given by Chadha Malik & Co for his role ensuring that Chadha and Malik are re-elected? This is immoral and unethical. No body has heard that a member of election commission is nominated to the house after elections are over. This proves the allegation.

b) EC member fron block of flats 301 - 356 - This is second surprise. Shri Kanwar Jit Singh of Flat 305 has been nominated as EC member. As per the result declared by EO no body has been elected from the block of flats 301 - 356. there is no provision in Bye-laws for EC to nominate block representatives. These positions can only be filled through election. Nomination of Shri Kanwar Jit Singh as EC momber is illegal and in violation of Bye-laws.

In addition, Shri Kanwar jit Singh has filed his nomination as block representative. His nomination was rejected by the EO without assigning any reason in writing. But after the election same Shri Kanwar Jit Singh was nominated as EC member. How a person whose nomination was rejected became eligible for the same post after election? This is unheard of. This is illegal and in violation of Bye-laws.

This EC election is really a blot on the fair name of PARWA. If Chadha Malik & Co have any shame left they should immediately resign. An emergency meeting of GB should be called to dissolve this illegally elected EC and fresh elections should be ordered.


Anonymous said...

Soni becoming joint secretary is sure immoral and unethical. It is also a corrupt practice. He should immediately resign.

Anonymous said...

Why Mr. Gupta does not come and raise these issues at right forum.He wants to play main role in a NAUTANKI by remaining behind the curtain.

S. C. Gupta said...

I am not interested in playing main role in PARWA. I am only pointing out the illegalities committed by some people who had taken over PARWA through illegal means. They do not take any issue which is really affecting the residents of Pragati Apartments. Many such issues have been raised by me.For example, massive hike in powwr tariff. People will realize it when they will recive the first bill with increased tariff.

These people have become so emboldened that they are now taking immoral and unethical decisions. The nomination od Shri Soni is one such case.

S. C. Gupta said...

Mr Soni, should resign from the post of JS as it is immoral and unethical. If he wanted to come in EC then he should not have become a part of Election Officer Team. His nomination as JS smacks of corruption.

S. C. Gupta said...

Mr Soni's nomination as Joint Secretary is not only immoral and unethical but also in violation of PARWA Bye-laws. Bye-law 8.2 states - The posts of Joint Secreatry and Assistant trasurer will be filled from the SIX ELECTED EC MEMBERS of the apartment owners.

Shri Soni has not been elected as EC member. He had not filed his nomination for the post of EC member. In fact he was conductng the election. How can he be nominated as Joint Secretary when he was not an elected EC member?


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