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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A resident complains about PARWA on parking

A resident aggrieved by no action by PARWA hasmade the following complaint:

"You have taken a very good initiative to allot space for parking of cars of the residents of Pragati Apartments. Kudos to you, but its really unfortunate that none of the so called educated inmates of our apartments have the basic sense to use the space allotted to them ONLY and park their cars in the space vacant near their flat when they come back from office / elsewhere.

I had already mailed you that though the space for car park has been allotted to everyone for ONE Car, the space that has to be allotted to us [Flat No: 346]has not yet been marked and a couple of weeks back, on a Sunday while we were going out, saw the marking being done for the flats at the main entrance and my son went and told the person who was guiding the marking regarding our space having not been marked and till now, even after nearly 18 days, it is still unmarked and our space is being used by the flat ownder of 347 to park his two wheeler whereas two wheelers have to be parked at the garage provided for every flat.

I request you to kindly take immediate action of marking of the space provided to us for parking of car and take stern action against those who park their cars in others' slots and also park their two wheelers in the space provided for car parking.

I regret to inform you that, Sir, till such time, I will not be paying the maintenance charges of PARWA, which I have never done in the last TEN Years of our stay at Pragati Apartments, but I have no other choice.

So, kindly take necessary action immediately."



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