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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Is PARWA EC superior to PARWA GB?

I have just now received a circular issued by General Secretary and President of PARWA. The circular is dated 26.02.2010 but signed by the President on 27.02.2010. Circular is addressed to the Residents. PARWA has a membership and all residents are not its members as many residents have not paid the subscription. This is a very important issue and following should be immediately decided by PARWA EC and PARWA GB:
a) Who is a bona fide member of PARWA?
b) Should PARWA extend its services to those residents who are not members of PARWA?

Prior to this EC meeting, meeting of Security Sub-committee was held, in which many decisions regarding parking and security were taken. I attended that meeting as an invitee. But till date I have not received its minutes. Many decisions referred to in this circular as decisions of PARWA EC are contrary to the decisions of the sub-committee. All PARWA EC members were present in the sub-committee meeting. They had taken those decisions but when they sit again without invitees then they change those decisions. PARWA EC members have insulted the invitees who have spent their time to provide a helping hand to PARWA EC in providing better services to PARWA members.

PARWA is an Association of residents of Pragati Apartments who as PARWA members have elected some members amongst themselves as their representatives mandated to install various welfare measures. But by doing so PARWA members have not surrendered their right to advise PARWA EC on any welfare measure. PARWA EC members should respect such advice.

As an example - the decision of Security Sub-committee was Rs. 50 per month for second slot. It was further decided that un-allotted slots in Group C will be allotted to PARWA members residing in Group C flats. Remaining slots will be allotted to members residing in Group A and B flats through draw of lots. PARWA EC should have informed in the circular the reasons and justification for changing the decision of Security Sub-committee. Moreover by increasing this fee four times, PARWA EC had also changed the decision of PARWA GB, thereby exceeding its brief and acting as a body superior to PARWA GB.

My experience as member of PARWA EC has been very disappointing. PARWA EC is not a team but a group of people working against each other and to serve their own personal agenda. Such a body can not do the expected welfare work for the members of PARWA. There is no discipline, there is no professionalism in working. This indiscipline flows down to security guards, safai-karmcharis and malis. All this has left no alternative before me but to resign from the membership of PARWA EC. It is a sad commentary that PARWA EC has not taken any action to elect/nominate another member from the block in my place.

In few months, PARWA members will be called upon to elect new PARWA EC. Efforts should be initiated to elect such members to PARWA EC who are fair, transparent, professional and have a sense of trusteeship. Younger people should be encouraged to come forward to become members of PARWA EC.

The decision of PARWA EC (increasing fee for second slot from Rs 50 to Rs. 200) to change the decision of PARWA GB should be kept in abeyance. PARWA GB should call the explanation of PARWA EC.


PARWAmember said...

Mr. Gupta, you have raised some valid points. PARWA EC and GB should deleberate on these points.

Resident said...

This is a very disturbing trend. My experience is that some office bearers behave as masters and not as representatives of residents. They have groups and work to pamper those groups. Residents should now elect those who are not belonging to any group and work for overall welfare of all residents.

PARWA Member said...

PARWA EC is sure trying to act as boss over PARWA GB. EC members should be shown who is the boss.


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