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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Holika Dahan

Like every year, residents of Pragati Apartments took part in Holika Dahan on 28 February 2010. The event was organized by PARWA EC, or I should say PARWA oeganized it in an disorganized manner. In the circular issued, time was mentioned as 0700 PM. On the notice board near PARWA office, time was mentioned as 0730 PM. At 0715 PM, PARWA EC Office bearers arrived and dtarted struggling with the central light in the central park which was not ON. Fortunately it was fixed by 0735 PM.

The event started by 0800 PM. I have never seen such a dull Holika Dahan in Pragati Apartments ever. I have taken some photos and also made a video. As there was insufficient light, the background in photos and vodeo both is dark. Sorry.



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