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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Who represents this block?

Any guess?
Look again at the photos with care.
Still NO !!!
OK, I will tell you. Name of the block representative is Shri Soni. Surprised? Yes, you should be. Shri Soni was Election Officer in recently concluded election of PARWA EC. After the elections were over , Chadha Malik & Co rwarded him for the favour he gave to them in getting elected unopposed. Yes, yes, it is immoral, unethical and illegal, but who bothers?
Now, the passage as shown in the photos is very frequently used by residents of C-block. Pipe is broken and water flows in the passage. Lot of kachra/malba is lying there for long. A scooter with deflated tyre is parked for long. It is highly inconvenient for residents using the passage.
Shri Soni is not alone who is not bothered about this. PARWA vice-president and treasurer also live in C-block. Day before I saw them chatting just near the malba.
They seem to have selective vision.


Anonymous said...

This illegal EC is packed with corrupt people - free fruits/ vegetables, free cable/internet connection, free electric/ plumbing / cleaning services, commission on ads and other works ........

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S C Gupta said...

Today I saw that kachra/malba has been removed but broken pipe has been repaired.Water is still leaking and making the passage dirty.

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