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Friday, July 29, 2011

Truth behind Bhagidari Certificate

Chadha Malik & CO have been boasting about a certificate received under Bhagidari Scheme. On the basis of this piece of paper they have been claiming that PARWA is the best RWA in West Delhi. Performance of PARWA EC in Bhagidari has been highly disappointing. CLICK to read my earlier post on PARWA performance. Out of 8 projects under "My Delhi I care", PARWA EC could not get even a single project. A sum of Rs 5.5 lakhs was spent by Delhi Govt on these projects but PARWA EC could not a single paisa for welfare of its members.

What Chadha malik & Co could get is a piece of paper which they falsely claim is a certificate that PARWA is the best RWA in West Delhi. As they refused to give any information about their performance in Bhagidari, I filed an application with Delhi Govt under RTI Act. CLICK to read the questions asked in RTI.

I have now received the information. PARWA was given the certificate for:
a) Parks maintained by the RWA through own funds.
b) Constructed boundary wall and fencing by RWA.

So, this is the performance of Chadha Malik & Co for which they are praising themselves. They could not get even a single paisa from the Govt for development of the apartments and welfare of senior citizens. In fact they only spent residents' money on parks and fencing on boundary wall for which Govt has given them a certificate.

TEN RWAs have received cash awards ranging from Rs 25000 to Rs 1 lakh. Out of these one RWA is from B-5 Block, Paschim Vihar, which received Rs 1 lakh cash award. Shamelessly Chadha Malik & Co have claimed that PARWA is the best RWA in West Delhi.

SIXTEEN RWAs have received the certificate. PARWA is one of them. What is so great about it?

Chadha Malik & Co got themselved elected by adopting illegal, immoral and unethical means. They have also ashamedly took credit for this certificate. Their contribution as a good RWA (what to talk of best) is zero. I demand their resignation.

Any resident want to see the information provided by Delhi Govt may contact me at Flat No. 315, at mobile 9810073862.



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