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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vandalism in Pragati Apartments

Bajaj family, owner of two flats in Pragati Apartments (Flat No. 333 and 188) indulged in vandalism on 21st Novemeber 2009 evening. They pulled down the small temporary shed near Gate No. 2. PARWA was keeping its material in the shed. Then they went and attacked the PARWA office. They and broke glass panes of all windows. They entered Senior
Citizens' recreation room and broke the glass panes of a window opening in to PARWA office. They twisted a blade of the ceiling fan. See for yourself.

Residents are shocked at this act of vandalism. It is further shocking that these people were accompanied by police personnel. Number of residents assembled at the scene and protested against this.

When these people found that residents were united against them, they gave a written apology to PARWA and residents. They also promised to get the glass panes of windows, fan and shed repaired.


Anonymous said...

Where do the children play.. does the RWA has no children or grand childre??? if yes r they born 25 years & above....????


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