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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Detail of work done during the period 3.7.09 to 20.10.09

1. Sh. Shyam Lal Garg, MLA/Paschim Vihar visited Pragati Apartments on 4.7.09 for closure of MCD School Gate.

2. MCD-Fatique of Safai Karamchari’s in Yoga Park & surrounding in Group ‘C’ on 4.7.09.

3. Fire-Extinguisher Donated by Sh. Mehotra R/o flat no.172 & installed in PARWA office on 6.7.09.

4. 8.7.09 : Repainting of Speed Breakers.

5. 13.7.09: Meeting held with Registrar/Co-op Societies alongwith Sh.A.N. Malik Gen. Secretary regarding Modification in Bye-Laws.

6. 25.7.09: A meeting held in Central Park with S.H.O & his fellow-colleagues & Sr. Citizens.

7. 1.8.09: Plantation done by MCD (Hort.).

8. 13.8.09: Broken SFRC slabs replaced by New Slabs in group ‘C’.

9. 13.8.09/14.8.09: Repair to C.C. Pavement, fixing of gully gratings, Re-storation of pits excavated by DJB, Repair to Boundary wall near Gate no. 2.

10. 14.8.09: Painting of yellow-lines for Parking started in Group ‘C’.

11. 18.8.09: Providing & Fixing Barrier at Gate no. 2 due to closure of Gate no. 1.

12. Cushion-Matts (3 Nos.) provided in Central Park for sliding Jhoola on experimental Basis.

13. Sh. Attar Singh – BSES Sr. Officer visited the complex & assured for rectification of deficiencies.

14. Underground drainage system provided in Group ‘A’ & “B”.

15. RBT fencing provided over Boundary Wall in group ‘C’.

16. Raising of Boundary Wall in Group ‘A” adjacent to Budha Temple.

17. Nallah covering re-started on 1.10.09.

18. Celebration of Independence Day, Dussehra Festival & Pragati Diwas.

19. Diwali-Mela organized on 10.10.09 & 11.10.09 successfully.

20. Inauguration for Re-lay of cement Concrete Pavement in group ‘A’ & ‘B’ by MCD on 15.10.09.

21. Work of Providing & Laying Inter-locking Tiles around Remaining Parks awarded by MCD.

22. Approval accorded by MCD for Raising of Boundary Wall of MCD Primary School.

23. Approval received from BSES about Tarrif from Commercial to Domestic for Parwa Office.

Contributed by Shri R K Chdha



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