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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bi-annual PARWA GB Meeting

Bi-annual General Body meeting of Pragati Apartments Welfare Association (PARWA) was held on 09.01.2011 in Central Park. It was almost like other GB meetings, no quoram at 1000 AM (only six members), meeting started at 1030 AM with 12 members, same routine agenda, Secretary read the report in a mechanical manner, no new issues, no proactive plans, self praise, a perfect photocopy of earlier GB meetings. Some members in PARWA EC are real tired, no new ideas, but they do not want to retire. Any way it their choice and no-choice of residents.

PARWA members have been provided a copy of the meeting notice with agenda, Secretary's report and mintes of the meeting. A formaility is over. Members can read these documents at their free time. It they do not read then also it will not make any difference.

There was no discussion on payment for second slot but Secretary has written about a decision on this. Mr Malik has a quality, he will record in the meeting minutes what he wants to record, and for him vice-versa is also true.

Now the next GB meeting will be held after announcement of next election. The floor is with President and Secretary till then.



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