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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stop compromising security of Pragati Apartments

For last few days I have been watching the development in PARWA EC. Bickerings in PARWA EC are ON again. Security has always been a bane of contention in Pragati Apartments. Vice-president is in-charge of security. During my brief association with PARWA EC, I have seen that President and Secretary always act as super-in-charge of every thing in PARWA including security. They, as a routine, interfere in the job of security in-charge. This creates disaffection between PARWA officer bearers and also between security guards. I have seen it happening in last PARWA EC. From what I have heard and seen, it is happening in current PARWA EC also. The difference is taht the bickerings have overshoot this time. An unpleasant situation has been created where President himself became security in-charge.

Services of two guards were terminated. This is when PARWA is always short of security guards. One security guard was handed over to police on a petty matter of a missing phone instrment. The circumstances under which the phone instrument went missing and later found abandoned in a park speak volumes of the bad blood flowing between officer bearers of PARWA. This is compromising the security of the apartments. Any time any unpleasant incident cam happen.

I demand that President, Vice-president and Secretary should explain this to PARWA members, and assure that such bickerings will stop forthwith and affairs of PARWA will be run in an atmosphere of trust and respect for each other. All groups and counter-groups should be demolished and PARWA EC should act as one unit.


Bhatia said...

President, Secretary an some other officer bearers of PARWA, have creared groups and counter-groups to serve their personal vested interests. They exploit security guards. President seems to have taken advantage of his temporary charge of security to get rid of security guards having loyalty towards other group.

I have been told that EC has not met and it was the decision of President. Shameful behaviour.


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