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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

PARWA collecting Parking - Maintenance - Charges

Yesterday I have received a letter from PARWA signed by President / General secretary. CLICK on the image to read the letter.

I have sought some information / clarifcation from PARWA:

I have received your letter No. 15/PA/Parking/2010/11 dated 30.08.2010 on the above subject. I need following information/clarification:

a) Has PARWA been authorized by some Govt. agency to charge Parking Fee for parking cars inside Pragati Apartments and outside of Gate No. 1? If yes then provide a copy of the authorization.
Provide details of maintenance as indicated in the letter.

Above information may please be provided before 07.09.2010. In case no information is provided by PARWA, I will be forced to lodge a complaint with Govt. / Police authorities that PARWA is illegally collecting parking fee.

Please provide details of RARWA policy on parking of cars by visitors of the residents.

I will keep informing the visitors to the blog on this issue.



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