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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"You do your job, we will do our job"

For more than a week, a special cleaning operation was on in 'A' block of Pragati Apartments. Now when the work was over and we in PARWA EC were feeling great about it, a resident stepped out of an apartment and threw a plastic bag full of kachra in the shaft. It is one example but most of the residents are indulge in similar acts. What these residents are trying to prove? Are they putting PARWA EC on notice that they will continue doing their job of throwing kachra here and there. Any thing can change in Pragati Apartments but they will not change their kachra habits.

OK dear kachra throwing residents, we in PARWA EC are on your notice. You keep on doing your job. We will keep on doing our job. Let us see who wins? Kachra throwers or kachra cleaners? Kachra cleaners' job has become really difficult, courtesy these kachra throwers.



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